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 Terms and conditions

All content created by InJeanius Designs are subject to copyright, duplicating or usage of any of the content without permission from InJeanius Designs may lead to legal action.

Free designs with website packages are limited to no more than 3 redesigns per client. Any additional redesigns will be charged at R250 per redesign.

Web design changes are limited to 3 changes per page and 3 new graphics. Extra changes will be charged for additional changes.

Websites do take  time to develop and short notice fees may apply.

Hand written notes for changes cannot be used, please send changes via email or whatsapp.

If product photos are not sent in the correct format, the website may take extra time

Free monthly support is limited according to the website package chosen.

If a client requests to make changes to his/her site without the aid of InJeanius Designs (Pty) Ltd, we will not be held liable for any inconsistencies or shifting of any object or image on a site.

Failure to complete payment will result in the immediate disposal of websites or content created.

A deposit may apply for some of the website packages

All Content available on our site is property of InJeanious Designs (Pty) Ltd., if you wish to make use of it, feel free to ask our permission first.

We pledge to NEVER give out customer details, unless we have their explicit permission.

Websites cannot always be used as a valid frame of reference, as each site is designed according to our customers’ preferences.

We DO NOT design websites for free or for the sake of recognition and such requests will not be replied to.

If you wish us to sponsor your company, feel free to contact us

Early Cancellations of hosting domains may apply.

Deposits are NON refundable.

Sometimes unforseen circumstances may lead to your website taking longer to complete, a refund will not be issued unless it was EXPRESSLY discussed to be completed by an EXACT date and time. 

After a website has been completed and approved, additional charges may apply for any changes.

If you close your business after a website is approved or completed, you cannot exchange it for another or credit toward another website.

InJeanius Designs Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for the success of your company. A website should never be your only form of marketing, as it is a platform that works with other platforms to increase your client base. If you do wish to utilize other platforms for marketing, please visit our Online Marketing Page

Product photos that are not sent in the correct format cannot be used for websites or any other designs. If you have recieved instructions on how to send us the correct format, please do so.

We cannot accept hand written notes on changes, as they are hard to decipher. We would prefer that all notes and changes be sent typed out with screen shots. Videos with commentary also are not useablt.

Catalog creation does not include photoshopping of products. If a client wishes us to photoshop images, extra charges will apply at an hourly rate.

We are not available after hours. If we are pressed to work outside our office hours, an additional fee of R500 per hour will apply for any work that is requested to be completed after 5pm or on Saturdays

Errors and Omissions Apply.

Thank you for Visiting our Site, We look forward to working with you